Business Marketing Project with Impact Startup

United States
Business Marketing Project with impact startup

AquaMesh is an environmental impact startup, developing a solution for Remote Water Quality using …

Market Analysis/Business Model Venture Fellows Team (Neuretix, Inc.) Neuretix, Inc.

San Diego, CA
Research Opportunities

Neuretix, Inc. is an early-stage MedTech/Medical Device startup company. The company’s mission is to provide
comprehensive solutions for unmet neuromuscular …

Venture Fellows Project: Mercury Health Strategies Mercury Health AI

United States
Research Opportunities
Apply by November 11th at this link: https://forms.gle/UZzEbHFQayNJf7uE9 Early Growth Strategy

Determine the growth strategy for an early-stage venture. Mercury …

Digital Ventures Virtual Experience Program

Digital Ventures Virtual Experience Program BCG

United States

Learn what’s possible. Get a true feel for what it’s like to work at BCG.