HolaTec, Inc. Market Research & Business Model Venture Fellowship

Location: United States Experience Type: Research Opportunities

 HolaTec Inc. is a San Diego-based early-stage startup dedicated to revolutionizing consumer health through innovative solutions aimed at addressing sleep apnea and snoring issues. The company’s mission is to improve well-being and sleep quality of individuals affected by these conditions. HolaTec aims to provide comprehensive and user-friendly solutions to increase comfort and enhance overall sleep experiences. 

The Sleep Apnea devices market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 7.33% between 2023 and 2028, from USD 7.64 billion in 2023 to USD 10.88 billion by 2028. Aging is a significant factor driving the growth of the sleep apnea device market. According to World Population Prospects 2022, the proportion of the world population aged 65 and over is expected to increase from 10% in 2022 to 16% in 2050. This portrays that there is a strong market potential for RiteSleep. 

Our patented medical device, RiteSleep is a cutting-edge wearable device that offers a compact and portable solution to effectively prevent and correct snoring and sleep apnea. By utilizing advancements in medical technology and consumer wearables, HolaTec seeks to empower individuals with a user-friendly tool to manage and improve their sleep health. 


Team applications, with members from varying disciplines, are favored. However, solo applicants are very welcome to apply – if you are accepted, you’ll be assigned to a team. 

Academic Credit 

Second-year Rady graduate students may be able to pursue this project as a two-unit Independent Study — MGT 499 for Summer 2023.  

Team members in Schools outside of Rady may appeal to their respective departments for Independent Study credit per their department policies. 

Non-Credit: Any Team is invited to apply and may pursue this project without credit.  


MARKET: Provide a quantitative market analysis of the sleep apnea devices space. Including: 

  • details on the submarkets of the primary market.  
  • In-depth research companies/technologies that may become potential competitors; define how RiteSleep differentiates itself from competitors. 
  • market sizing analysis for each segment and submarket.  
  • top-down market sizing for the combined market (TAM, SAM, SOM) 
  • bottom-up marketing sizing analysis by evaluating the market opportunity with one provider and extrapolating up to the region, state, etc.  

BUSINES MODEL: Formulate a draf business model by gauging market needs, employee requirements, manufacturing and packaging costs, product pricing, etc. 

PITCH DECK: If time permits, develop a draft pitch deck for the Founders. 


The Venture Fellow Team will provide a 5-7-page report and a 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation to the Center and HolaTech founders, including its findings, sources, recommendations, and other elements outlined under Scope. The report will also include a discussion of challenges the team faced in securing its results, reflections on the Venture Fellow experience, and any recommendations the team may have regarding the Venture Fellows process.  


The project will begin in the Fall Quarter of 2023. It will require approximately 5-7 hours per week, including a weekly zoom meeting with the founders and project mentor. Working on the project may also require in-person meetings. 


The Fellows will work diligently and professionally with the Institute’s Executive Director, the Founders, and Mentor. The Fellow(s) will meet for ~90 minutes for a kick-off meeting with the leadership team and others relevant to the project. 

The Fellows are expected to self-learn skills, techniques, and research methods required to provide meaningful insights to the Founders. 

Each Fellow is expected to contribute substantively to the Project. The Executive Director will seek input from each member of the Fellows Team as to their own contribution as well as their perspectives on the contributions of other Team members. 

The Fellows are expected to work independently and meet with the Founders and Mentor for approximately 60-75 minutes once a week (via zoom) for the project duration to report on progress and discuss any questions or issues. The Team may also be required to meet and report to the Center’s Executive Director or others on a more regular basis.  

Toward the project’s conclusion, the Venture Fellow(s) will meet with the Founders, the Mentor, and the Center’s Executive Director for a 90-minute discussion of the team’s findings. The entire team, including the Founder and Mentor, will be available for a photo. 

NOTE: Your team may be joined by a student from another department within Rady or from another area of campus. 



To apply, send your resume to: info@holatec.net.

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