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Use this community to review tips and tricks proven to provide the best tools when negotiating an offer!

How to Ask For a Raise at Work

Asking for a raise can be nerve-racking, but it’s necessary that you get recognized for all the hard work you’ve done and paid what you deserve. If you’ve taken on more responsibility, changed your role significantly, or are up for …

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How to Answer Desired Salary Questions on Job Applications

During the application for just about any job, you’re likely to be asked about your desired salary. Often, you’ll even be asked multiple times. 

This question can stress job seekers. If you give away your desired salary too early, the …

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How to Negotiate Salary for Beginners (With Examples)

Negotiating salary, especially when it’s your first job offer, can be daunting and even nerve-racking. Yet most companies expect you to negotiate; if you don’t, you might leave money on the table. Don’t know how to negotiate salary? We’ll show …

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