Market Analysis/Business Model Venture Fellows Team (Neuretix, Inc.)

Location: San Diego, CA Experience Type: Research Opportunities

Neuretix, Inc. is an early-stage MedTech/Medical Device startup company. The company’s mission is to provide
comprehensive solutions for unmet neuromuscular challenges. Neuretix will restore sensorimotor function,
increase independence, and enhance the quality of life by integrating innovative surgical, diagnostic, and
rehabilitative strategies longitudinally throughout a patient’s clinical and therapeutic timeline.

Current market solutions for nerve repair fail to provide meaningful clinical improvement for injuries of
moderate severity, and the market offers no solution at all for more significant injuries. This project is led by
co-founders of Neuretix Inc., who have expertise in bioengineering and neuroscience and are supported by
world-class clinical and entrepreneurial advisors. The primary point of contact will be Dr. Sameer Shah,
Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Bioengineering at UCSD, and co-founder/Chief Scientific Officer of
Neuretix. The company has secured intellectual property from UC San Diego, begun the regulatory approval
process, and conducted preliminary research into the market and potential strategic partners.

Application – Benefits
Team applications are heavily favored. However, solo applicants are welcome – if you are accepted, you’ll be
assigned to a team.

Credit: Rady second-year graduate students may pursue this project as a 2 Unit Independent Study—MGT 499
for Winter 2023. A second-year Rady graduate student may include team members outside their cohort, but
they may not receive credit. Team members in Schools outside of Rady may appeal to their respective
departments for Independent Study credit per their department policies.

Non-Credit: Any Team is invited to apply and may pursue this project without credit.

Students will be able to include their participation on their resumes. They will receive a letter of completion
from the Center, pending a final review by the Founder, Mentor, and the Center’s Executive Director.

Scope and Approximate Timeline (Winter Quarter 2023)
MARKET: Provide a quantitative market analysis on the peripheral nerve and spinal cord injury markets.
Include details on the submarkets in each of the two primary markets. Provide market sizing analysis for each
segment and submarket. Provide a top-down market sizing for the combined market (TAM, SAM, SOM).
Provide a bottom-up marketing sizing analysis by evaluating the market opportunity with one provider and
extrapolating up to the region, state, etc.

WKS 1-3: COMPETITION: Identify companies and technologies that are/could be potential competitors in the
space and articulate why. Articulate the advantages/differentiators and the weaknesses of Neuretix’s
team/products relative to the competition/competing technologies. Provide a comparison of the Neuretix
technology benefits against their competition.

WKS 4-7 STRATEGIC PARTNERS: Identify potential strategic partners that may advance the company’s growth,
including how Neuretix’s offerings would benefit the partner. Provide an analysis of the benefits/detraction for
each partner.

WKS 8-10 BUSINESS MODEL: (potential; TBD) Propose a basic business model structure for the company.
Evaluate product pricing and sales/distribution channel options, including a model that may integrate directto-customer and strategic partner sales models. Understand the reimbursement process for hospitals as they
affect pricing and revenue.

The Venture Fellow Team will provide a 6-8-page report and a 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation to the Center
and Neuretix founders, including its findings, sources, recommendations, and other elements outlined under
Scope. The report will also include a discussion of challenges the team faced in securing its results, reflections
on the Venture Fellow experience, and any recommendations the team may have regarding the Venture
Fellows process.

Time Frame
The project will begin in Winter Quarter of 2023. It requires approximately 5-6 hours per week for 8-10 weeks,
including a weekly zoom meeting with the Founders and Project Mentor. In-person meetings may also be

The Fellow(s) will work diligently and professionally with the Institute’s Executive Director, the Science Lead,
and Mentor. The Fellow(s) will meet for ~90 minutes for a kick-off meeting with the leadership team and
others relevant to the project.

The Fellow(s) are expected to work independently and meet with the Founders and Mentor for approximately
60-75 minutes once a week for the project duration to report on progress and discuss any questions or issues.
The Team may also be required to meet and report to the Center’s Executive Director or others on a more
regular basis.

Toward the project’s conclusion, the Venture Fellow(s) will meet with the Founders, the Mentor, and the
Center’s Executive Director for a 90-minute discussion of the team’s findings. The entire team, including the
Founder and Mentor, will be available for a photo.

NOTE: Your team may be joined by a student from another department within Rady or from another area of

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