The global sport industry is expected to grow to over USD 700 billion by 2026. The idea of working in the sport industry evokes emotion and excitement among many people. Thoughts of drama, gold medals, and world cup excitement, all evoke idealistic thoughts of jobs that will be high octane thrill and excitement. “I want to be part of the emotions and excitement of international sport” is often heard. But what is the sport industry exactly? Is it an industry in itself, a sub-category embedded in other industries or a mix of both? Where to even start looking at what opportunities are available? Are their hiring cycles in international sport? What is the importance of networking in order to enter and also remain in the industry? In this session, you will be given a holistic view of the what is known as “the sports industry”, the specificities of different areas of the industry and how an MBA is perceived and valued. The main objective of the session will be for participants to walk away with a clearer understanding of the sport industry, how to identify job opportunities, how to navigate a career once in the industry, and to understand the importance of networking to break into an industry that at times may appear inaccessible.

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