The 85 Best Job Search Sites and Apps in 2024

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If you’re on the job search, you might feel like it’s you and your resume against the world (or at least the ATS). But don’t worry — it doesn’t have to be that way! We rounded up 85 of the best job search sites in 2024 to help you on your journey to find a job.

Below, you’ll find AI tools, job boards, resume builders, application trackers, and more.

The Best Job Search Websites That Use AI

You may have already used ChatGPT for your resume or cover letter. ChatGPT is one good job search resource, but AI job search sites have proliferated far beyond OpenAI’s offering.

You can now enlist artificial intelligence (AI) to generate a professional headshot of yourself, draft cold emails to hiring managers, and even automatically submit job applications for you.

NameDescriptionLavenderEmail assistant to fine-tune cold emails to hiring managersResumAIResume writerResume WordedFeedback on your resume and LinkedIn profileReziResume writerSecta LabsGenerate a professional headshotTry it onGenerate a professional headshotRampedCareer guidance and automatic job application submissionMassiveAutomatic job application submissionLoopcvAutomatic job application submissionLazyApplyAutomatic job application submissionHirationResume writerJobalyticsScores how well your resume matches job postingsYoodliCommunication skills coachingPymetricsGamified skills assessments that match you to jobs based on behavioral attributesTalentpriseCareer profile and skills assessmentsSonaraAutomatic job application submissionNetworkAIAutomated networking toolJobiriCareer counselorCoverdoc.aiCover letter writerRytrCover letter writerNAVScores job offersPrepperInterview coachingInterview Prep AIInterview coaching

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The Best Job Boards

You’ve probably heard of LinkedIn and Indeed. Broadening your search to include other job search websites, especially job boards tailored to your industry or role preferences, can help you find opportunities that may be a better fit but aren’t listed on the most popular job boards.

Many companies list open positions on Forage, for example. Once you’ve signed up for Forage and enrolled in a job simulation, you can apply to job openings with Forage’s partner companies by visiting the Achievements tab.

NameDescriptionForageComplete virtual job simulations and apply to jobsLinkedInJob board and career networkingIndeedJob boardWellfoundJob board for startupsPeople-First JobsJob board for companies who prioritize company cultureThe Flex IndexJob site that provides information on workplace flexibilityWe Work RemotelyJob board focused on remote positionsRemote RocketshipJob board focused on remote positions4DayWeek.ioJob board focused on companies who offer a four-day workweekWork for GoodJob board focused on nonprofit rolesIdealistJob board focused on nonprofit rolesUSAJOBSThe official job site of the U.S. governmentAuthentic JobsJob board focused on roles for designers and creative professionalsBehanceJob board focused on creative rolesZipRecruiterJob boardCareerBuilderJob boardMonsterJob boardFlexJobsJob board focused on remote and flexible positionsJobspressoJob board focused on remote positionsremote.coJob board focused on remote positionsLaddersJob board focused on roles that pay $100k+stillhiring.todayJob board that only features roles from companies actively hiringClimate Change JobsJob board focused on sustainability-related rolesPitt CSC Internships BoardJob board focused on tech internships

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The Best Job Search Sites for Salary Comparison

Salary is one of the most important factors in your job search. Sites like these can help you focus your efforts on roles with fair compensation.

Plus, once you get an offer, you’ll be more prepared to negotiate your salary if you know how much other companies pay for the same role. You’ll also want to calculate your take-home pay before you accept the offer.

NameDescriptionGlassdoorCompany reviews and salariesComparablyCompany reviews and salariesLevels.fyiSalary benchmarking for roles and industriesRobert Half Salary GuideSearch job titles to see projected 2024 salariesMonster SalarySearch salaries by job title and locationPayscalePersonalized salary report based on your skills

The Best Job Search Sites to Build a Resume

If you’re spending hours wrestling with spacing for your resume in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, consider using a resume builder instead. Unless you’re a designer, your time may be better spent editing your resume’s content than formatting it.

Job search sites with resume builders often provide templates tailored to specific industries. AI-powered services that score your resume against job descriptions can be useful, too.

NameDescriptionJobscanResume scanner to optimize your resume keywords for each job listingResyMatchScores how well your resume matches a job descriptionFlowCVResume builder with premade templatesZetyResume builder with expert tips to guide you throughout the processKickresumeResume builder with prewritten templates for a variety of industriesResume GeniusResume builderNovoresumeResume builderVisualCVResume builderJobHeroResume builderPortfoliumPlatform to build a professional portfolio

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The Best Job Search Websites for Interview Prep

These job search sites can help you level up your interview preparation. You can use them to practice in advance and even get feedback on your answers.

NameDescriptionGoogle Interview WarmupPractice answering interview questionsInterviewer.AIVideo interview training platformInterviewBuddyVirtual face-to-face mock interviewsBig InterviewInterview training platformJob Interview Questions and Answers, by ForageRecruiting pros’ advice on how to answer 20 common interview questionsPrampMock interviewsMy Interview PracticeMock interviews

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The Best Job Search Sites for Application Tracking

Move over, Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel! These job search websites allow you to track every application you submit and get recommendations on where to apply next.

NameDescriptionTealPlatform for tracking job applicationsJibberJobberPlatform for tracking job applications and companiesSimplifyPlatform for career recommendations and autofilling applicationsCareerflowPlatform for tracking job applicationsStartWirePlatform for tracking job applicationsHuntrPlatform for tracking job applications

The Best Job Search Websites for Career Exploration

The job search sites we shared above are useful if you have an idea in mind for your next role, but what if you don’t know what job you want?

Career assessments can help you align your interests to a career path. If you’re looking to make a career change, you can also discover jobs in different fields that require the skills you already have.

NameDescriptionJob Simulation Quiz on ForageQuiz to get matched to job simulations on Forage to explore different careersCareer Quiz by ForageQuiz to understand what career could be right for youForage BlogHundreds of articles on career-related topicsCareerExplorerAssessment to get matched to a careerO*NET Career Exploration ToolsAssessment to get matched to a careerCareerOneStopAssessments and resources to learn about careersLinkedIn Career ExplorerFind job titles that match the skills you already haveCareersProAI-powered career planning platformBureau of Labor StatisticsExplore salary, required education, and growth rate data for careers

Tips for Success With Job Search Sites and Tools

Once you’re familiar with some of the best job search websites, you can decide on the strategy you’ll use to tackle your job search. For example, maybe you’ll allocate a set amount of time each day to searching for opportunities, filling out applications, networking, and preparing for interviews, using a different tool for each task. 

Making a plan that incorporates the tips below can help alleviate job search anxiety and keep you motivated.

Go Beyond LinkedIn

“In the realm of job searching, it’s crucial to think beyond the traditional platforms like LinkedIn or Indeed,” says Theresa Fesinstine, founder of 

She mentions Slack as an example of an underutilized job search website, pointing out that professional Slack communities often have channels dedicated to job listings. 

“These channels not only provide job listings but also offer a space for real-time interaction with industry professionals,” Fesinstine says. “Job searching is not just about finding the next paycheck; it’s about discovering opportunities for growth and collaboration. Slack channels offer a dynamic, interactive space that can elevate your job search from a transaction to a meaningful engagement.”

Seeking out networking opportunities on Slack, in other online communities, or at events in person can help your job search feel less transactional.

Embrace AI Tools

Though you should avoid completely outsourcing certain job search tasks to AI – like using verbatim ChatGPT output to answer questions on job applications or write your resume – AI tools can still help your job search.

For example, a tool that scores how well your resume matches job descriptions can help you prioritize which applications to complete first. A tool that generates a professional headshot can save you the trouble of shopping for business attire to wear for a photo.

“In an age where AI and automation are often seen as threats to the job market, it’s important to recognize the tools that empower the individual job seeker,” Fesinstine says. “Generative AI doesn’t just optimize a job search; it personalizes it, making the process more human, not less.”

Ask People Who Got Hired

If you have friends or colleagues in your industry who recently got new jobs, reach out to them to ask which job search sites and tools worked for them.

We asked students who got hired at JPMorgan, Bank of America, Wayfair, and Walmart to share their top tips on what actually works to get a finance or software engineering internship:

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How to Get an Internship in Finance or Software Engineering, According to Hired Students

With these tools and tips in mind, you can approach your job search with confidence. Looking for more guidance? Check out our ultimate guide on how to get a job.

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